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Making yourself a Priority is Important

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family, is to take care of you. So many of us have been, or still are, busy raising our families. We have not had the luxury of making ourselves a priority. Maybe, for the very first time ever you are in a position to put yourself first. Even if you have children at home, it is even more important to take care of you.

What I have found, regardless of where I am in my life, no matter what is bogging me down, is that how I treat myself impacts how others treat me. If I nurture, love, value, and respect myself – people are more likely to nurture, love, value, and respect me in return.

When I mode, or demonstrate, healthy behaviors, it helps my loved ones to know the importance of taking care of themselves. To learn to love themselves unconditionally, embrace their vulnerabilities, accept that they are perfectly imperfect, and prioritize their own needs and feelings. Therefore, I act as a role model for them while I take care of me too.

It is important to me to be able to care for my loved ones. Taking good care of myself will place me in a better position to be of help and service to them, to fully love and support them, and to treat them with kindness and patience.

When you take the time to truly understand yourself and take time to just “be” and to enjoy your own company, you allow yourself to get to know you better. You become more “in tune” with yourself, your body, and any needs that you have to build your confidence and to enjoy inner peace.

You become more self-aware and make good use of your personal resources. This helps to maintain and protect your physical and emotional health, to make better choices and to open yourself up to self-growth.

So many of us have endless chatter and chaos in our minds. When you take the time to stop and just ‘be’, you will give your brain time to process and digest your thoughts and feelings. This will lead to feeling more relaxed, less anxious, refreshed and rested, particularly when it comes to bed time. You will feel more at ease and enjoy a more restful slumber.

"Me Time" is just as important as every other item on my To Do List.

"Me Time" examples are:

· An essential oil infused Epsom salts soak

· 20-45 minutes of soothing yoga

· 5-30 minutes of meditation and prayer

· Buy a pretty journal to write your gratitude list in

· Either get a mani-pedi or take the time to do your fingers and toes yourself

Spending "me time" will help you to feel healthier, have more energy, to feel valued and patient. Making yourself a priority will allow you to slow down and spend more quality time with yourself and others. This will lead you to feel more empowered, confident, vibrant and content. You will be more comfortable within yourself.

Send me an email or post your comments in our private Facebook group, I’d love to know your thoughts, questions or your own ideas of ‘Me Time’ and how you energize yourself.

Keep an eye out for my next blog, I am super excited to share with you what has worked for women across the globe…...“Feel Happier Immediately!”

Taking the time to exercise will actually give you the feeling of more time in your day.

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