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Positive Impact

Have you ever heard the saying, “Be the Change You Want to See”?

I think we can all agree, we are living in unprecedented times and it can be a little scary and daunting… or a lot scary and daunting.

We do not have to live in fear.

Please know this:

Oppression is not from God.

Fear is not from God.

Faith and standing in your power are from God.

Are things, in our world, completely different? Yep!

The unknown, quite honestly can be very scary.


Learn to live in peace so that YOU can make a POSITIVE IMPACT, you can be a CHANGE MAKER!

Here’s some super easy tips you can easily add to your daily life, anyone can implement, to instantly raise your vibe and lead by example for the people in your world:

  1. Set a limit on news. No more than 5 minutes of relevant news a day. × Seriously.

  2. Time spent binging on Netflix MUST be less or equivalent ONLY to time spent being productive. So, if you declutter for an hour- that is equal to an hour of Netflix

  3. Take a walk. A minimum of 30 minutes every day, 60 is better

  4. Download Zoom. Host happy hours, book club, or bible study

  5. Take time. Time to dream. Time to create, and time to enjoy little moments of bliss (it’s all around us)

  6. Journal the good, the bad, and the ugly. Getting your thoughts down on paper is like pressure valve release!

********** Most Important ***********

Do This: spend time with God giving thanks for ALL of your blessings!

Some Blessings to include:

  • Fresh water

  • The sun rising

  • A home

  • A friend

  • Your pet

  • Pen and Paper to plan & journal

  • The apple you get to enjoy

  • That you get to be home getting organized

  • That you have the ability to move your body daily

  • That you feel better from walking

There is never a shortage of things to be thankful for. Keep a list and add to it daily.

Get good at taking your eyes off of what you don’t have and put them on what you do have.

Sending hugs and all good vibes!

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