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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Ultimate Intention Letter

Some of you may know, Mike got Covid last week and I’ve been handling things on the home front taking care of him while running errands here and there…. Then low and behold, I started feeling crummy this past Thursday and yep…. I also tested positive for the virus. We are hunkered down for the duration and asking for prayers. This is not walk in the park!

I know we are all feeling it, this year life has accelerated to a whole new level. Don’t you agree? So many things have happened. And before we know it this year will be wrapping up!

I hope you are taking advantage of the free and super inexpensive workbooks I have been featuring! Though they are small they are mighty…. Don’t disregard the importance of small action steps. I promise you will be pleased when you immerse yourself in these workshops and worksheets.

Last week, I featured Illuminate Your "Wheel of Life", a simple assessment and 16 page workbook that will guide you toward a happier and balanced life. You can STILL access it >>>> HERE.

This week, I have an exciting offer.... But first, something you may not know about me, is I love to write.

Every year, I write down things that are important to me and set intentions for what I want to have in my life.... I seal it with a prayer and trust the universe to do the rest.

Things that are always important to me and the women I work with are to……

Feel abundance. Feel loved. Feel creatively inspired. The absolute power of tapping into your deepest most amazing dreams, using pen and paper, and feeling deeply into exactly how you want to feel, how you will feel once you’ve manifested them, is a beautiful and powerful way of living with intention.

This week, I want to introduce to you the Ultimate Intention Mini-Workshop.

Set aside some special time to go through this mini-course, make it a ceremonial effort. Pour a glass of wine or a soothing cup of tea and a glass of sparking water. Turn on some soft music if that helps you to relax and be more creative.

Take this time to allow yourself to dream big. This is an enjoyable exercise and will get you all fired up to start creating a life you love. I believe everyone deserves a fulfilling and meaningful life, and so should you. Ask yourself, who you want to be? What kind of life are you going to live?

You deserve a meaningful life. But it won’t just one day appear.... You need to take serious part in what you want.

Ultimate Intention is a powerful course, it’s over 20 pages long and will gently guide you to uncover long ago forgotten dreams.

Learn to design your life with purpose and meaning, growth, personal fulfilment and joy.

Possibly, for longer than you care to admit, you’ve been contemplating a better life.... Take the leap, this is your chance, you’ll enjoy the time you spend taking dreams toward reality with our Ultimate Intention Mini Workshop.

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