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It’s been a rough week, but I made it! Mike has Covid and I am dragging to take care of him and dodging it so far! Phew, but, what a yucky deal!

Here’s the thing, life offers us so many doors, it is up to us which one to open and which one to close. Sometimes we don’t have a choice and other times we do.

Many forget or refuse to embrace the fact that we do have the choice of where we place our focus and energy. When your love is sick, that is a no choice option, we do what we have to do...

But, then there are the times where life runs smooth and we have a choice to place our focus and energy into good things, growth and happiness and expansion.

Have you checked the FREE 84 Life-Changing Affirmations that I sent out last week? You can still access them BELOW!

84 Life-Changing Affirmations

Enough about me, how are you doing? How was your weekend? It’s another week and it’s hard to believe we’re in the middle of September!!

Where did the time go? It is almost Christmas!! (Yayyyy but wow!)

Together let’s embrace this week and the possibilities it presents with enthusiasm and intention!

To help get your mind set for what you want to accomplish this week and in your future let’s take a stroll down memory lane... some of you will remember Mr. Zig Ziglar, my friend and mentor and some of you may not know of him.

Mr. Ziglar, who long since passed, was known as the grandfather of the motivational industry, he was an icon and a dear sweet man. I loved what my life gleaned from the time I was blessed to work with him and so I’ve created a rendition of the Wheel-of-Life.

Mr. Ziglar always taught...... the importance of living balanced in ALL the KEY areas of your life.

Without balance, the road becomes very bumpy. Lack of clarity of where you are now, makes it near impossible to know where you want to go in your future.

This simple assessment and 16 page workbook will give a wonderful visual that supports a happy and balanced life.

You’ll have a clear vision of your current state of being and to truly illuminate the key areas that need a little or a lot of help, to guide you to a happy and balanced life.

Illuminate Your “Wheel of Life” will help you understand which areas of your life you are excelling in, and those in which you need to invest a little more time and energy into. In fact, before starting any transformation process, it is important to do a self-analysis and is a critical step to help you to understand what makes you feel unsatisfied and what you are content with.

Therefore, this very old and widely used analysis can give you clarity to help you change the things you are no longer wanting to stay stagnant. It’s a balance tool to identify the value you give various components of your being.

When you have your copy, post inside our group and let us know the ah-ha moments you have when working through this easy but powerful mini-workshop! I can’t wait to hear your new insights!

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