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Living on purpose

There comes a time in our lives that living, and surviving, in the daily grind is no longer an option. This feeling happens sooner for some and later for others. I have seen men and women filled with loneliness and despair when they are NOT living with specific purpose. A person can have money, career success and everything that on the outside looks good, but the inner emptiness is quite possibly causing them to wither a little more each day. On the other hand, I have also witnessed drastic improvements and drastic changes in overall well-being when individuals are able to identify, embrace and live with meaningful purpose. Much of the time the drastic change happens right between our ears.

Are you feeling lost or empty in your life, and maybe you want to make a positive impact on the world, but you aren’t sure where to start? I know this feeling all too well. Life kept happening to me but not really for me, I felt more like a spectator than a participant. In recent years I struggled daily to uncover my true purpose. You might feel the same way right now. What has helped me, and so many others, is to take a look at what you love to do, as well as, what you don’t love to do. Just making that distinction will instantly create a shift in your thinking. In your awareness you will place more emphasis on doing the things you love! Knowledge is power right?

Make an intentional decision and effort to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t love. If it is your work that you don’t love, but you need to stay in your job, start to focus on the things you love and are good at work. Come up with as many things possible that you love and jot them down. If you need to, it helps, when you read them out loud each day to keep your eye on the good, then by all means read them out loud. You will be so happy with the quick result of mindset shift.

Get into action- You can’t think your way into finding your life purpose; you have to ‘do’ your way into it. Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back, serve others and discover things to do that you love. As you spend time volunteering, if you are receptive and open to what is around you, undoubtedly doors will open, connections will be made and soon you will be on a whole new path. Look for services you can provide, act quickly, make the call and just go do it. Did you know you can talk yourself out of anything in under 5 seconds or less? Take action, you’ll be glad you did.

Instead of overthinking it and second guessing yourself, make the call, stop in, do whatever it takes to get you out and serving your community. It could even be done virtually by offering your time, knowledge and help to others on Facebook or other social media platforms. Do these actions with a servant attitude and the blessings will begin to pour in. Soon you will know what energizes you and what doesn’t feel like a good fit. Then do the ones you love again, keep searching and giving of your time and experiences and your mind will shift into that wonderful feeling of purpose.

Act from your heart and not your head. When you are inspired and connected to your happy self, inspiration floods your heart and soul. Leading from your heart, will naturally create more joy and motivation. By doing the things you love you will be inspired and glean new insights as to what brings the most joy and passion into your life. If the goal is to transition into your purpose and to monetize it, start a plan and work the plan. Passion plus daily action will soon turn into a purposeful life.

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