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A Shining Light


It makes me want to shout, kick my heals up and shout, come on and shout…. Whoa!! I got a little carried away!

One of the many reasons I’m excited today is, I 100% believe we can make a difference in the lives of others by sharing love and encouragement. And so, I wanted to be that person TODAY, to give hope to others, by sending good vibes to make somebody’s day!

I’m not a psychologist but I believe that the thoughts you are thinking right now are creating your present and your future.

For that reason, I am sharing with you this special giveaway, my personal pick, beautifully crafted positive affirmations that I live by.

Affirmations spoken out loud can and will change your day… give it a try and let me know how it goes!

These Printable Affirmations can be shared with friends to inspire and uplift, to make it easy to add inspiration and joy, to yours and your friends (if you choose to share), a peaceful and positive life!

Get my beautiful hand crafted Positive Affirmations by clicking below!

Let those around you know how special they are. Your encouraging word might be just what they need.

Think grandfather, grandson, and sand dollar… to that one it makes all the difference. Share away, make your day and someone else’s day too!

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