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What is Renegade Widow

Renegade Widow is for women who have endured the devastation of losing their husband, and are ready to reclaim, renew, and redesign their life. I work with women that want more happiness, more energy, restored confidence, restful sleep, inner peace, and to experience a sense of freedom and purpose to fully thrive!
We offer compassionate support to get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be. 
Through my own experiences, I've created comprehensive programs for women just like you! Women who are ready to reclaim their life, in an authentic way, that will leave you feeling energized and excited for life again! 

I know…


  • The paralyzing fear that either consumes you or plays on a nonstop loop in the recesses of your mind

  • The dark moments when all you can or want to do is lie on the couch

  • The challenge of learning to cook for one 

  • The disappointment when you hear the “old gang” went out, but you never got the invite 

  • The gut-wrenching loneliness, wondering if you will ever find yourself again

  • The heavy curtain of sadness, punctuated by teary outbursts

  • The anger burning within because it feels safer than the fear of the letting go 

  • The self-doubt about the future that won’t stop

  • The feeling that THIS ISN’T FAIR!!!!



I also know the incredible feeling of returned hope and...


  • Massive confidence 

  • Renewed joy  

  • Vibrant energy

  • Passion and resiliency 

  • New love and companionship

  • Excitement for the future 

  • Happy healthy family and friend relationships 

  • Tapping into and confidently trusting your intuition for your guide

  • Of being ready for a 5K! (.... ask me about this one!) 



Learn to: 


  • Address and soothe emotional pain

  • Get off the emotional roller coaster, and stabilize your thoughts

  • Stop the obsessive thoughts and fears

  • Reclaim healthy sleep patterns

  • Eat better and feel motivated to live a healthier life

  • Heal wounds and eliminate unhealthy patterns

  • Purposely move your life in a new direction

  • Attract the loving, supportive relationships you want

  • Believe in yourself  

  • Be free to have a new love interest 



I help widowed women to step out of the stereotype:


  • Effectively identify and release lingering feelings of grief, guilt, and anger

  • Assess your moods and soothe your system to reclaim serenity and a sense of well-being

  • Take control of triggers that cause a relapse of negative emotions

  • Move into acceptance so you can be happy 

  • Leverage your life experiences turning them into strength and purpose

  • Become balanced in your mind, body and soul 

  • Turn dreams into goals with intentional action steps   

  • Learn visualization and application techniques to manage past and future emotions


All of our programs are done from the comfort of your own home. It is easy and fun! 

To learn more about how we can help you finally feel good about life again, book your free, no obligation, clarity call now! I can't wait to meet you! 

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