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Discover a life filled with joy.
Overcome self-doubt, fear and defeat from loss. 

Do you feel stuck? Lost and alone?

As a widow, has grief consumed you over the course of time?


Each of our journeys is unique. You didn't want to join, but here you are, part of a very private club. In this club, no one understands unless they are also members. I felt the same way when I became a widow. I'm a certified Coaching Professional with years of experience. Here you will learn to turn your grief into a starting point for your new vibrant and purpose-filled life. My mission is to help you find your hidden potential, and give you all the necessary tools to RECLAIM, RENEW & REDESIGN your new world!

Hi, I'm Terriann. 

I teach widowed women the successful action steps for rebuilding a life they can adore and thrive in, with ease. Sister widow, it is not by chance, but by fate that you are here, right this place, at this time, on this page.... If you are ready to gain clarity... book a free clarity call! 
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Hey there! 

You are in the Right Place IF You crave…

  • Happiness

  • Confidence in your decision making 

  • Abundant energy

  • A vibrant life with purpose

  • Feeling sexy again

  • Laughing without guilt

  • Living an abundant life

  • FUN!!

  • Restful sleep

  • A healthier body

  • Relief from emotional and physical pain

  • Security in your future

  • Setting and achieving goals

Maybe you…

  • Remember when you were happy, and remembering those days still hurts

  • Want to make new friends, but you feel like a third wheel

  • Want to drop a few pounds, but can’t get yourself to exercise

  • Want a new look, or a sassy new hairstyle but lack the confidence to take the step

  • Want to pick up a new hobby but are afraid you won’t be any good at it

  • Have a dream to help others, and you don’t want your experiences to go to waste

  • Are nervous to open your heart and mind to finding a new love interest

And most of all, you crave validation of the time you took to grieve, so you can be ready and able to transition into a time of exciting growth. You are ready to create the beautiful life you have been dreaming about in recent times.


But the problem is, you have no clue how to start climbing out of the deep, dark hole. It is overwhelming and paralyzing.


The truth is…you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Let’s work together so you feel comfortable in your own skin again. Let’s tackle these issues together so you can experience peace and happiness and grounding again. Wake up feeling alive, refreshed, and ready to start each new day! I’ve got you, girl!


Renegade Widow Mission

Terriann Muller leaning against a tree

First, let me welcome you here. It is not by choice to be part of this club we call widowhood, I hope that you find some comfort in knowing you are not alone and you have support here on this site. 


I’m Terriann Muller and I have been coaching in some capacity since 2001. I specialize in helping widows identify a new way of life as an empowered woman and achieve their personal goals.

Renegade Widow Mission is this:

Renegade Widow will be a difference-maker, to change the world, one woman at a time!


As Renegade Widows,

~We will become authentic women comfortable in our power

~We will be difference makers

~We will change the world, one woman at a time

~We will turn our sorrow into strengths, to be used for good. 




After my husband’s intense battle with cancer and his subsequent death, I felt as though a wrecking ball crashed through my life leaving me numb and paralyzed in a pile of rubbish. I struggled to get out of bed in the morning let alone deal with my high-stress job, care for the house, the yard and even myself. I didn’t know where to start with all of his tools and personal belongings. It was a struggle EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!!

My mind and body were wrecked by the trauma of being the primary caregiver of a cancer patient, along with all of its ugliness. I suffered from all-over body pain. Sleep eluded me and I was exhausted! I would drag myself into bed at night, both grateful for having made it through another day and dreading the night time fears that crept in. I was exhausted, but as soon as I laid down, I was wound up. It was as if a disco lit up inside of me. My mind and body vibrated. Every sense I had would crank up.  My thoughts would begin an internal battle. My heart would race. My limbs were tense in a way that is still difficult to describe.


Finally, I began to have renewed interests and the desire to live again. I knew I had to do something before my life passed me by. You see, not only did I lose my husband, I had also just recently lost my mom to cancer. Shortly after her death, my husband was diagnosed. It wasn’t long after I saw my mom and husband into heaven that my son overdosed on heroin and died at the age of 32. My family just could not catch a break!


When I began working with a health and life coach, I knew that what I had been doing, or not doing, was an epic fail. Soon after I began to work with her, I felt like a new woman! It was easy to take each step and exponentially grow in several areas of my life. I was absolutely ready and committed!


I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to helping you.


Are you ready to move forward? I am here to guide and walk beside you towards your new, confident self!


renegadewidow :)  

“You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward... just take the next step!”

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