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Widowhood Cooking for one

Widowhood and Cooking for one…

Are you now cooking for one and find it to be pretty much awful? Do you find yourself eating crappy food because you no longer have the desire to cook, just for yourself?

Girl, read on, I get it. I was right there with you. I ended up gaining 25 pounds and feeling worse that ever.

Having raised a large family we were busy All. THE. TIME...., all of the school and sport activities of a husband and 5 kids, phew!!!

Come evening, when I struck the dinner bell, it was a little like a mess hall. I was used to cooking for a minimum of 7or more! Our big family plus any neighborhood kids, every single night was a sight to see!

That was a walk in the park compared to having to cook for one. In my early widowhood, I took existing off of a bowl of cereal or popcorn to a whole new level. It was just easier to grab that than it was to figure out something to cook for just me.

As part of a widow's group years ago, I was offered a class on cooking for 1, and I took it!

It was so fun!

We got to sip wine, listen to music, and we got to meet and know some new friends.

I hear plenty of lamenting out there, about cooking for one as a widowed woman, who feel like it’s depressing or not worth the effort.

Another dread is going grocery shopping, this can be so darn depressing too! Many of us are not really connected to what is best for ourselves and what we want…. We spent years and years thinking of everyone else and what to do, cook, and buy for everyone else.

I’ll be the first to admit that I felt those same woes in my early widowhood days.

Another complaint is you just don’t like to cook.


And to that I say, we don’t always love cleaning the toilet, but it has to be done, or we don’t want to go to work….. but we have to pay the bills.

I am hereby challenging you to learn to love to cook! Or at least like it!

There are some HUGE perks when you cook for one, I want you to think about…

· You get to cook whatever you want, whenever you want.

· You get to listen to whatever music you want to while cooking

o Think dance party!

· You can try new dishes, learn how to use new herbs and spices

· Bottom line you get to do things your way…

1.) Eat like a QUEEN even on a budget! It can be fun to find good deals, stock up and make your food budget. I find that going to the same 2-3 stores consistently, shopping is a breeze. Load your pantry, fridge, and freezer with healthy staples to have on hand.

2.) Keep a running list in your phone, of the things you want to keep stocked up on.

3.) Cook once eat several times. Invest in some freezable containers, make a good amount of your favorite soups, pasta sauce, enchiladas, even oatmeal freezes. Cook up big batches, put single portion sizes in small containers to eat over time. Once you get the hang of it, you will love the ease of this smart concept.

Cooking for yourself can be a wonderful experience. There is something satisfying about making a meal especially for your tastes. You GET TO COOK whatever you want!

Do you love food?

Do you adore cooking?

Maybe..... just a thought.... you don’t want to cook for one for the rest of your days, perhaps you’re ready to meet some new friends or looking to meet someone special.

Look for a local cooking class with other singles who share your passions in the kitchen.

Cooking classes are a great way to spice up your social life.

Whether you want to learn how to whip up an elegant dinner for one or you’ve always dreamed of hosting amazing dinner parties for you and your friends… make it a happy time, you get to decide!

Learn to cook a wide range of recipes and have a ton of fun doing it!

What if you were able to get out of a rut, start making new friends, meeting a new special someone to enjoy your meals with, to take walks, cuddle and watch movies or the popular reality TV show, alone… how does it feel to put yourself in that scenario?

Ask yourself, are you going to want to date soon or later or ever? Really give it some thought and make your decisions. Keep remembering you get to decide who, what, when, and how you do things in your life.

So whatever side of the fence you are on, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your life.

Give yourself grace and love for where you are at right at this time.

This blog is designed to help you think proactively to take charge of your future, to help you, love the art of cooking for one, to master this valuable skill, but to also love yourself and your future relationships.

My heart is to help you put you in charge of your future. It sounds so simple and it is, but self-awareness is significant to your future success.

With so much love and all positive vibes~


Renegade Widow

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