The Dating Widow

Finding the Man of your Dreams (again!)

        (Make it fun, easy and successful, even if it seems doubtful!!)

12-Week Group Coaching Program... All the deets are below!  

Watch for the NEXT start date...

(no pun intended!) 

What would it mean, for you, to have the confidence and direction to meet new people and ultimately the man of your dreams!

Are you Ready for Fun, to Get Connected and to Be Happy!! 

How would it feel, if you could easily walk step by step, and know, exactly what to say, do and even how to interact on dates? To feel pretty and desirable and have tons of confidence without compromising what is most important to you.


What if you had the ability to feel only ease and calm as you get back out there, to go on first dates, for the first time in years, maybe decades? The only thing you want to feel is butterflies and not scared out of your mind fear.  


All you want to do is find the “right” guy to feel loved again. To have someone to go to the movies with, enjoy slow delicious romantic meals.


Do you yearn to have that special connection? Feeling like you are important, cherished, and desired to another person? 


Do you want to feel open and even confident about the dating process? 


Are you curious about dating but unsure on where to start? 


You may be hearing horror stories of online dating, feel skeptical and possibly hopeless. 


How would it feel to have crystal clear direction on all of the nuances of today’s dating world?


Putting yourself out there can be scary!! It means becoming vulnerable, fear of possible rejection, and a hefty dose of self-doubt.

Just so you know.... 

# 1 - That is pretty darn normal! 


There is an expression I have used for decades, 'confused people do nothing' and it is so true!


But, when you have support along with a proven plan, you will feel so much better AND have the best results possible! You will feel in control and excited. That is so much better! 


Today’s dating world is NOTHING like it used to be! There are tons of moving parts! It used to be, (aging myself here) go out with a couple of girlfriends, meetup with friends and things magically happened. Whah-lah you met someone and were now dating and having fun. Your expectations may have been heck of a lot different. It's time to RAISE THE BAR!

It's time to decide what you want, and then make it happen... sounds so easy and it is. Having a proven plan makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! 


Our world is every evolving, so much is changing and different.... to say the least! the best decision yo can make is to invest the time and the money to have full support so you can jump into life, living yours to the fullest. 


Now, most dating starts online. You have to stand out.... you WANT to stand out, right?

This requires a well-crafted profile with catchy words, saucy (not racy) photos, and time to manage the interactions. It also means making decisions about who to meet, where to meet, when to meet, what to wear and so forth. You get the idea. There is a lot to think through and a lot to freak out over....unless you have support. Help to figure it all out. 


Believe it or not, that is the easy part because, when you add the dynamics of widowhood and what the heck is next for you, it gets really freaking complex!


If you are ready to date, BUT you’re unsure if and when or even how to jump into the pool, (Ker-splash!!!) but, you haven’t dated in years, possibly decades, and don’t know where to start, this program is for you!

Ask yourself, "what if nothing changes?" 

That question is what spurred me forward in my own journey... I didn't have the help I am offering you here. I didn't have a brilliant roadmap to follow. Instead I clunked along on my own, wasting valuable time and money.


You should NOT have to go through more rough road.


You should NOT have to wait months, even years, to experience fun and friends again. 

You should NOT wait another day to get started. 

Don't leave this page with a maybe. Decide YES or NO. Make a decision and then have your own back. 

I know that in your life right now, you are probably doing things to progress, and that's great, but you also know deep in your heart, there has to more to this life. 

Imagine that most of your nights are spent with someone you love sitting by a cozy fire with that special one.


Imagine being with someone that gets you, loves you, understands you and every conversation you have makes you realize how at home you are in their presence.


Imagine the feeling of wonder and contentment as you watch a movie, cuddling and holding hands, loving the feeling of pure bliss.


Imagine your heart happy and expanded... This is possible for you!

When life gets hard, and there is uncertainty and you’re scared, it is so heartbreaking to go through those difficult times. To feel like there is no one to hold you in those moments. How much longer do you want to feel like you are going through the scary parts and the good parts with no one, to share it with, who is your best friend. 

Maybe your grief has left you depleted, and full of self-doubt, or you may even feel hopeless that you will ever find love again, take heart, you can have all that you want again. Granted there is some extra work to do, but girl, you are worth the effort. You can be happy again. You can find a best friend to share all of life with.


You might wonder how to manage your new crush and your late husbands’ memory. We could talk about this all day, but for now, I want you to understand, it is fully possible to have a new relationship and always honor your late husband and his memory. 


God made our heart capacity fantastically! 


Dating the ‘right guy’ has a lot to do with this. I know because I am dating the right guy. It is amazing and wonderful! 

But, here's the deal... the onus is not completely on him. Your job is to become Your Best You! 

So that..... You Find, Attract, and Keep the Relationships that are Good for YOU! 

In The Dating Widow 8 week group coaching program I share exactly everything I did to help me overcome ALL OF THE RAMIFICATIONS of grief as a widowed woman. 

Stake your claim for 2020 - "No more lonely days and nights" You deserve to love again and to be loved!


Girl, starting now....say Yes to You!


When my late husband and I came to the realization that he was not going to remain on this earth, without a magnificent miracle. You or may or may not relate completely but some of this will resonate..., we were sitting in our living room, and with sweet care, he told me he wanted me to find someone new to love me. He said, "I don't want you to have to be sad and alone".  That was his number one fear of dying, leaving his girls, me and our daughter, alone. 


He went on to say "I want you to be happy again".   

After a year and half of some very tough times, feeling as though I'd never be okay again, I turned a metaphorical page, I was more than ready to start my journey into the next chapter of my life.

And now, here you are... you are on this page, which tells me you are, at minimum, curious possibly full on ready to make some magic in your own life. 


What I did, all on my own without a clue what I was doing, I made an online dating profile. I could not have dreamed up the events and experiences that ensued with all of the ups and downs, of the digital dating realm. The stories are endless. 

Oh what I would have given to have this kind of support!!! That is why I created Renegade Widow and then The Dating Widow! 

It was scary, and fun and edgy! For me to realize I had the power to make the choices I wanted to make! 
Shizzle that is a good feeling!! 


Today, I am in a wonderful, fulfilling, happy, committed relationship and have been for nearly 7 years.


Happy again feels so damn good! 


There are several different types of dating women, some want to be:


  • Happily married again

    • You believe in the sanctity of marriage

    • You know your value and what you bring to the table

    • You trust the process of love

    • You are confident and have hope

    • But doesn't know where to start

  • Desperate to be married again, at any cost

    •  fearful of being alone

    • Unsure about finances and your money story 

    • Doesn't see her own value

    • In love with the idea of being married 

    • But doesn't know where to start
      I hope to God this is not you!! And, if it is, let's have a different conversation

  • Some could marry or be fine dating and having fun 

    • This can be because of finances and benefits

    • Old hurts and stuck painful emotions

    • Feel content the way things 

    • Some want a companion to have fun with, enjoy intimacy, travel with

    • But doesn't know where to start

Where ever you are, it is okay, together we will work through it and get you where you want to go.


In The Dating Widow program, you will gain clarity, set goals, and have a crystal clear roadmap to help you get there.


Make the decision where you want to be and let’s make it happen!

If you aren’t sure, that’s 100% normal and  okay. The Dating Widow will give you insight, perspective and most of all a starting point.


There are a ton of moving parts in today’s dating world…..  and then add the dynamic of widowhood. Eeeeks!!


You probably have questions like:
“What the heck is next for me”


"I don't know where to start"

“I don’t know how to make a profile, or choose the right pictures”

“What if no one likes my profile”

"What if I never find the 'right' guy again...(or for the first time)


The questions are endless and can flood your every waking moment…. Unless you get a process in place, have a crystal-clear roadmap, it can be overwhelming and complex!

There's an old expression I used a lot in the corporate training world "confused people do nothing" and it is spot on. We will sit on our keister wishing and dreaming but never make a move. 

That is because we dont know what to do!!!  Fear can be paralyzing! Confusion can keep us stuck for a very long time. 


Don’t worry, I am here for you and together we can crack the code!!


If you are already dating, or trying to date, but coming up short, getting the bottom of the barrel, or you know you need more of a process stick around, this program is for you!


Wait, what, a process… to date?? Yep! A process! Your happy future depends on YOU, not your married friends, your in-laws- your grown kids… YOU, all you!


You are 100% responsible for your success in finding the relationship you want to be in!


“But I don’t know what kind of relationship I want to be in?” Excellent, you are in the right place, this program is for you.


Many of us are not in our 20’s and some here are. For those that are NOT looking to hurry and get married and have children, you have some time, use it, to become very clear on what you want and don’t want. You. Do. Not. Have. To. Settle. 


For those of you that are younger and still have hope for a husband and family, I implore you to take your time also, choose very wisely!! Forever is a long time... with divorce at an all time high, get real choosy, get the help we all wish we had in our previous relationships. 

We cover all of that, and why that is paramount, in the program!

If you have a hot burning desire, or just a glimmer of yearning to date, or if you’re unsure if how to jump into the dating pool, (splash!!!), you haven’t dated in years, possibly even decades The Dating Widow Program is for you! 

Surely, you want to honor your grief and all that you have been through.


You want to keep your late husband’s memory safe and secure, but you also know life is for the living, and you really, really want the chance to again have a loving and fun companion, The Dating Widow is absolutely for you!  

In this 12-week value packed course, The Dating Widow, you will learn everything you need to know to get the results you so badly want!

Each week we will hold live group sessions, we will discuss the modules and the work you've done, we will have Q&A so that you have complete and total clarity as to what is next.  These video conferencing sessions are designed to talk through each and every step, we will talk about successes and any areas that need some fine tuning. This is your time to get all your questions answered, to press into the support of your sister wids and your coach (that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it!?) to assuage and fears and self-doubt, so you can keep your head up and moving yourself in a forward fun motion. 

Girl, life is for the living, it's time. 

These sessions are to help you overcome hurdles, confusion, and hone into self-reflection.

There will be a group of like-minded women to share tips, stories, laughs and fears with. These women will get you, right where you’re at.

The Dating Widow includes 12-weekly, beautifully crafted, modules specifically on getting you out there! These workbooks are designed to support you during this pivotal time.

The modules are in perfect flow to help guide you through the mazes of dating, whether it be online or otherwise.

The course is easy to follow so you always know what to do next. You will have a plan for the week and be able to work through each week at a pace that works for you!

To guide your dating approach, in the modules, you will have:

  • Live, face-to-face weekly, group coaching sessions 

  • Thought provoking questions

  • Exercises both in the workbook and outside of your home (these are fun!!)

  • Journaling prompts

  • Experiential teaching

  • Discerning discussions

 A community of women just like you, walking a similar path, to share experiences with. This is priceless! 

First, you will receive a detailed Welcome Packet to begin right away, getting your mindset ready for success, familiarized with the program, and what to expect every step of the way.

This will be a fun program, filled with ah-ha moments, authentic transparency, open sharing in a safe environment, and tons more just for you in this time of growth and life enriching experiences.

It is important for you to understand, you don't have to know everything you have to do, just the next step! And, that is exactly what this program is about... what to do now, and what to do next. Gone are the days of winging life on your own, gone are the days of doing nothing because, let's be real here, confused people do nothing. 

Instead, say yes to you, say yes to new fun moments as you navigate with complete support into a pool of refreshing waters, a pool of new beginnings, only this time it is something to be excited and happy about. Dammit finally it is time to let yourself be happy again... get to know yourself in a whole new way. Get to know the girl in your that has been begging to show up in life! 


So, here we go!  

Each week you will receive your next module to include the following: 


Module 1

Ready, ready, Set Goals, Get hyped to embrace what is in store for your future! 

Become 100% Clear with concise goals, feel excitement... and leave fear in the dust. 


Module 2

Manifestation Queen

Clarify | Proclaim | Release

Let go of all negative beliefs & the "I already know that" mindset, be open to new ways

Gain more and more clarity on what success and happiness look like to you

Consistently let go of what no longer serves you so that you are able to move toward your happiest life! Love yourself the most! 

Module 3

What Beautiful Really Is

Fun | Sexy | Beautiful 

What is true beauty? Kind, confident, happy, compassionate

See yourself for the amazing woman you are

Feel good about you... what needs an overhaul, is it make-up, a clothing make over, 

Get 3 new outfits for under $30! 


Module 4

Your Magnetized Dating Approach


Photos that holler tons of fun or lazy nights by the fire

a step by step guide to creating a beautiful and effective dating profile

Sample Profile Copy to replicate into your own style  

Module 5

Be a Dating Expert

Where the Heck do I Meet my Right Guy?  

Online Dating, singles groups & events, church, up in the club

Your magnetized Dating Profile


Photos that show how fun you are or what you enjoy such as cozy nights by the fire

A step by step guide to creating a beautiful and effective dating profile, including scripting


Module 6

Spectacular first Impressions - The First Date

What to do and NOT do on a first date

Pace yourself Dammit


Module 7

Two halves DO NOT make a whole

Independence is sexy... being needy is a big fat turn off

Being too strong is scary, let him open the door, the jar, lift the heavy stuff

How to accept help when you're used to doing it all

Be active, busy, a little mysterious, man was created to be a hunter, NOT being available ALL of the time is good

Module 8

Relationship Bliss

Adulting in your Conversations

All relationships

Emotional IQ

Recognizing what is REALLY HAPPENING what is true and what is perceived


The remainder of our time together will be to help you navigate new and future relationships and HOW to be successfully Happy! 


This is where we delve into my unique processes in which I call the Sacred Happiness Movement.  

In addition to all of that, you will also receive these value-packed bonuses!!! 


Bonus #1

A 60-minute fast start call, 1-1 full-on coaching session with me held on Zoom (Value $497)

This is where you get a laser focus on what you want and HOW TO GET IT! We will talk in depth about your dreams, your fears, and all things that will help you to enjoy full success! 


Bonus #2

A complete blueprint to orchestrate your own photoshoot and what pics you want to post, including costuming, makeup, and more. (Value $250)


Bonus #3

A comprehensive Mini-Workshop for Intention setting for the WIN!!  

Your own Law of Attraction and how to attract the RIGHT people into your life

Rewriting your Story to serve your happy future

(Value $197)

Bonus #4

Comprehensive list of conversation starters

How to listen, so he will talk, and how to talk so he will listen

This is good for all relationships not just dating! (value $197)

Bonus #5

Affirmations, a beautiful printable PDF including affirmations to support this time of growth and for manifesting what you want your life to be, believe, and speak your dreams into reality! Complete with directions of how to use them to manifest your happiest most abundant life! (Value $197)

Bonus #6 

10-Tips to YOUR Happiest Life Mini-Workshop (Value $197) 

This program is a total value of over $5,000!! We will walk right alongside you to help you have success and help you to decide on how this next part of your story is written! 

All of this is included in our 12-week program!! 

 The Dating Widow program and all that's included:








For the love of all that's holy, say yes to yourself!

Don't miss YOUR opportunity! 

If a payment option is best for you, email me at terriann @ so we can make arrangements! 

If you are serious about joining this values packed group program but have questions, get in touch with me and let's talk it through!